Who are we?

Atenea Industrial was formed with the concern of being able to help obtain equipment, especially imported from China at probably unbeatable prices.

Atenea Industrial, www.ateneaindustrial.com , is part of the Company Atenea JRS Catalunya S.L.U., www.oleumolea.com , which was legally born on 24/07/2006.

.The owner of the Company is José Antonio Jordá, an enterprising man, tireless traveler, always expanding knowledge and looking for opportunities, both in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

He received mechanical training at a School in Lleida, is a Technician in Industrial Cold and has the professional experience and knowledge of having worked for 37 years in the Operation Service of a Nuclear Power Plant in Catalonia.

He was also President of the Community of Irrigators of his hometown and 600 Ha of land were converted from rainfed to irrigated.

He was one of the Founding Partners of a company that converts plastic waste into usable fuel, and this is undoubtedly a good service for the Environment.
Another important person in the Company is Mr. Bernat Solé, he is an Industrial Engineer, and he is also a Psychologist. He is a person who whenever he has been able to give himself to others since he has participated altruistically in Social Accompaniments to different countries that needed Help and Assistance.
He lived doing his work as an Industrial Engineer for a few years in China. His professional relationship with China began in 1.996, and this means that he has the necessary contacts and knowledge to be able to help you find the equipment that may be needed.