I am interested in imported from China, I have already found a supplier and received the offer. I would like to continue with the purchase but I would like to do it through a company like yours. Please give me all the information about possible cooperation. 

With each client, we always start the work from the deep knowledge of their needs as well as the exact specification of the product in which they are interested (dimensions, exact characteristics, technical specification, required certificates, etc.). Thanks to this we can find the necessary product at the right price. The next step is to manage the import of samples for approval. This gives the customer the opportunity to make the decision on import or specify changes and corrections to the product. If the customer decides to start with the import- our company supervises the production, makes the necessary quality controls, controls the loading of the container and makes a post-sale follow-up to manage any incident that may arise.

Do you provide service in case of small orders? Do you provide invoices for your services?

In each case, whether it is a large or small order, we analyze the possibility of importing from China and the profitability of each project. Please contact us and give us all the details of your Project and we will give you the best answer to your needs. We do invoice.

I need help in managing China's transportation.

Naturally, we can help you in the management of transport. In any case, the specialty of Atenea Industrial is the management of the entire supply chain, from the study of your need to the management of any incident that may appear once you have imported.

We have been importing from China for a long time (...) and we have some well-known suppliers there. What can you offer us in this situation?

We can review the contracts you have with your suppliers (renegotiating prices), verify the purchasing process (we have found several times that, thinking that you are buying from the final supplier, what our client does is buy through a mediator or trader), do quality control or verify the shipment. On request, we can also try to find a better offer from another provider.

We are looking forward to starting a business with flash memory and flash drives and are looking for help to find good and reliable suppliers. (...)

Our company does not work with products of this type. We do not import copied products, weapons or other prohibited products.

What is the cost of Atenea Industrial's services?

Depending on the needs of our customers and the service requested, we will prepare the appropriate offer. In case of quality control at a supplier, the final cost will also include the inspector's travel expenses.

We are interested in manufacturing and importing metal products, foundry, plastics from China... Can you help in this case?

Atenea Industrial is specialized in this type of products: machining, casting, forging, plastic injection, etc. Atenea Industrial has interesting contacts in this field. Give us a floor plan and we will give you the best offer. We can monitor the production and quality of your products as well as track container loading.