Below are several images and comments of some of the products we manage or have managed to import from China for several European companies. Therefore, we have direct contact in China with one or more reliable sources for each of the products or types of products on this list. In addition, in case of any need that does not appear in this document, we can comment and assess.

1.- Building products (scaffolding and Layher formwork; accessories; phenolic board)


2.- Metal container: measures 665x1200x800mm;
It can be painted in any color and customized if required by the customer (possibility of importing cutting). Quantity in a 40' sea container: 92 units.

3.- Height adjustable desks: these are several types of electrically adjustable desks that have a special sensitivity in ergonomics, although they seek balance with design. The photo above is an example of a desk; The photo below is what the Chinese supplier basically manufactures, that is, the metal structure together with the engine or motors and the handset.

Height-adjustable desk



Height-adjustable desk structure

Stand tables for computer or tablet

4.- Products that promote physical exercise while doing office work: elements to put, for example, under the desk of the previous point (the worker pedals or has his legs in motion while working with the computer)


5.- Massage products: armchairs, foot massage, face, neck, back .....




6.- Blankets and electric pillows (with usb connection)


7.- Fitness products


8.- Lamps:

9.- Miscellaneous furniture: office chairs, gaming, etc.

10.- Wicker products: baskets, baskets, trays, etc.